Daysaver Intelligent Matching finds and schedules patient appointments for you.


It’s time to cure the patient scheduling run-around.

Is your staff spending all day trying to schedule and reschedule patient appointments? Are your patients frustrated with not getting the appointments they want?

Daysaver® CalendarConnect™  changes all of that! Daysaver CalendarConnect fills cancellations, pulls patients forward to the first available appointments and reduces no-shows by putting appointments directly on the patient’s calendar.

Using  Intelligent Matching, CalendarConnect finds open slots on your practice schedule and proposes them directly to patient calendars, based on their availability. Offering appointments to patients that fit into their schedule makes them happy and dramatically reduces the back and forth most practices experience today in confirming appointments.

There is no new software or workflow to learn because Daysaver CalendarConnect is fully integrated in your practice management system, making implementation fast and easy.

Using Daysaver CalendarConnect gives you fuller schedules, happier patients and staff with more time to time to focus on what’s important—caring for patients.

Discover how Daysaver CalendarConnect makes scheduling easy.  



See how it all adds up.


Putting an appointment directly on a patient’s calendar makes them 86% more likely to take action—and show up!*

That’s where Daysaver CalendarConnect comes in.

It’s the ONLY scheduling service that proposes your open appointments directly to your patients’ digital calendars (based on their availability), 24/7—without any effort from your staff.

The result? Lower administration cost and increased profit for you, greater appointment compliance and ease of scheduling for your patients.

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*Eventable Consumer Action report 2016/Sesame Communications 2013


We’re making some powerful connections.


Daysaver is now working in partnership with two leaders in the healthcare industry, athenahealth and Henry Schein, to bring the simple power of CalendarConnect to their providers’ practices—and the ease of use to their patients.

Find out more about how Daysaver is integrating with these key companies.