Daysaver CalendarConnect scheduling will make you money.


The healthcare industry loses $150 billion a year to missed or open appointments.* But with Daysaver CalendarConnect you put appointments directly on patient calendars—and studies show those people are 86% more likely to take action.**

That’s more patients showing up for their appointments—and increased revenue for your practice.


Daysaver® CalendarConnect is a unique cloud-based scheduling service that connects directly to patient calendars to intelligently propose appointment options that match your schedule openings with available or open slots on those patients’ calendars.

Integrated directly into your practice management system, Daysaver requires fewer manual processes and less staff time spent on scheduling—and results in more filled appointments and business growth—almost effortlessly.

Discover how Daysaver CalendarConnect makes all the difference .   

*The Cost of No Shows, found online at
**Eventable Consumer Action report 2016/Sesame Communications 2013


People check their calendars an amazing 10 times a day.*


With Daysaver CalendarConnect scheduling, when an appointment is opened due to a cancellation, targeted patients are notified directly of that appointment availability in the calendars on their personal devices, 24/7—without any effort from your staff.


Then those accepted appointments with your practice are seen whenever your patients view their calendars, in the context of their day—increasing the likelihood that they will remember and keep their appointment. Additionally, Daysaver CalendarConnect works alongside most major appointment reminder systems.

Find out more about the benefits of Daysaver CalendarConnect scheduling to your practice – and your patients.

*, 2017


How Daysaver gives your practice the edge.


The Daysaver solution might seem like magic—but it’s not. Daysaver CalendarConnect is the ONLY scheduling service that connects directly to your patient’s calendar—decreasing no-shows and increasing patient engagement and satisfaction.

That’s because its pioneering Patient Availability Matching (PAM) scheduling technology has business benefits that electronic scheduling solutions don’t even offer.

Learn how Daysaver CalendarConnect scheduling works – and why it’s essential to your business.