AUTOMATED PATIENT SCHEDULING with Daysaver will make you money.


Online patient scheduling is becoming a required component for health care practice success, offering the promise of business-critical efficiency, value, and differentiation.*

Daysaver delivers that component without making your staff or your patients go to a complex system that resides outside your chosen practice management software and requires significant staff effort and practice investment.

That’s because Daysaver is a unique cloud-based service your patients NEVER see. It integrates directly into your practice management system and “automates” the scheduling process by pushing available appointment options to patients based on their captured and stored preferences.

The result is fewer no-shows and empty appointment slots and increased competitiveness and business growth. Bottom line, Daysaver makes money for—rather than takes money from—your practice.

Discover how Daysaver makes all the difference.  

*Accenture white paper, ”Insight Driven Health: Patient Engagement: Digital self-scheduling set to explode in healthcare over the next five years”, 2014


Patients are notified of available appointments 24/7—without any effort from your staff.


With Daysaver, when an appointment is cancelled, targeted patients are notified of that newly available slot on their personal devices, 24/7, without any effort from your staff.

Find out more about the benefits of Daysaver to your practice – and your patients.


Daysaver brings business benefits that electronic scheduling solutions just don't offer.


The Daysaver solution might seem like magic – but it’s not. It’s a pioneering Patient Availability Matching (PAM) scheduling technology that brings business benefits that electronic scheduling solutions just don’t deliver.

Learn how Daysaver works – and why it’s essential to your business.