Pull more profit into your practice with Daysaver CalendarConnect.


The Healthcare industry loses $150 billion a year due to missed or open appointments.* But now you can reverse that trend in your practice.

Daysaver® CalendarConnect™ enables you to fill those appointments by integrating seamlessly with your existing system and schedules and connecting directly to your patients’ calendars.

CalendarConnect goes beyond electronic scheduling products and does the things they don’t do—which is why CalendarConnect is the intelligent scheduling solution that adds up to more patients showing up for their appointments—and increased revenue for your practice.

Discover how Daysaver CalendarConnect makes all the difference . 

*The Cost of No Shows, found online at crosschx.com.



People check their calendars an amazing 10 times a day.*


So it makes sense that putting an appointment directly on a patient’s calendar makes them 86% more likely to take action regarding it.**

That’s where Daysaver® CalendarConnect comes in.

It’s the ONLY scheduling service that links appointments directly to your patients’ calendars on their personal devices, notifying them of appointment availability 24/7—without any effort from your staff.

The result? Lower administration cost and increased profit for you, greater appointment compliance and ease of scheduling for your patients.

Learn how Daysaver CalendarConnect scheduling works – and why it’s essential to your business.

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**Eventable Consumer Action report 2016/Sesame Communications 2013


We’re making some powerful connections.


Daysaver is now working in partnership with two leaders in the healthcare industry, athenahealth and Henry Schein, to bring the simple power of CalendarConnect to their providers’ practices—and the ease of use to their patients.

Find out more about how Daysaver is integrating with these key companies.