The CalendarConnect Technology Difference


The unique cloud-based technology of the Daysaver® CalendarConnect Software as a Service (SaaS) solution surpasses today’s “electronic scheduling” programs.

CalendarConnect works with both your existing practice management software and your patients’ calendars as an integrated service like this:


Simply put—here’s how it works:

  • Daysaver is a service that integrates directly into your existing scheduling database, customer relationship management (CRM) software, or practice management system.
  • Patients sign up for notifications of available services and/or resources, specifying their unique time/date/service preference settings.
  • Daysaver does the rest—pulling open slots on your schedule and matching them to your patients’ stored preferences and calendar availability—and proposing appointments directly on their calendars for them to accept or decline. 24/7.

Daysaver® CalendarConnect is simply different—reducing scheduling challenges for you, your staff and your patients and bringing more benefit in the long term:

  • It does NOT make your staff manage patient schedules and cancelled appointments—the Daysaver Engine manages that.
  • It does NOT require patients to log-on to a separate portal to make appointments—once they’ve created their profile, it’s a seamless personal calendar-based experience for them.
  • It does NOT stop at managing appointments—the Daysaver Engine captures machine learning and analytics to enable improved resource planning and delivery of even more personalized customer engagement over time.

Bottom line:

Daysaver® CalendarConnect takes technology—and your practice—further, enabling you to build your business easily and effectively and significantly increase patient satisfaction and loyalty—at the same time.