Daysaver CalendarConnect—connecting to businesses that need to make direct connections with patients’ calendars.


As part of growing the business and giving more opportunities to the healthcare industry, Daysaver is forming partnerships with key companies that can help do just that.

Daysaver joins Athenahealth network.


Daysaver® CalendarConnect™ has joined with Athenahealth to find new ways to offer superior scheduling options to all the members of the Athenahealth network.

See their press release for more on this promising relationship.

Daysaver runs Dentrix pilots with key dental practices


Daysaver® is currently working with a number of dental practices to integrate CalendarConnect with Henry Schein Dentrix software and ease the burden of scheduling everything from single-day cleanings to multiple-day treatments.

Based on the work being done with these key practices, Daysaver is optimizing their unique CalendarConnect service to offer even better solutions to an ever-increasing roster of practices.

The reason to partner with Daysaver is compelling—and the process is simple.

Daysaver® CalendarConnect™ Is the only scheduling service that connects directly to patients’ Google or Outlook calendars.

Daysaver® CalendarConnect is innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) technology configured as an “add-on” to your practice management installation. CalendarConnect is the only scheduling service that connects directly to your patients’ calendars and matches your open appointments with their calendar availability.

And since calendars are viewed by their users on average of 10 times per day across all devices,* proposing appointments directly to a patient’s calendar in the context of their day adds up to more filled appointments, more revenue and fewer manual processes and less staff time spent on scheduling—enabling your business to prosper and grow almost effortlessly.

In addition, Daysaver CalendarConnect works with leading patient reminder products that use text, email or voicemail to reach out to patients with appointments.

See the advantages compared to current electronic scheduling technologies:


Daysaver CalendarConnect puts you ahead of competitors that use electronic self-scheduling because it connects directly with your patients’ calendars, saving you effort, time, and money.

The opportunity for your practice to seamlessly schedule your patients through Daysaver CalendarConnect is available today at an introductory price for a short time only—so please contact us now.

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