Posted on Athenahealth Linkedin page September 12, 2017:

athenahealth’s MDP Labs Takes Off with New Startup Cohort

Published on September 12, 2017 by Santosh Mohan

Today is an exciting day. After an intensive selection process, the inaugural cohort of athenahealth’s MDP Labs will join us at our 7th annual athenahealth More Disruption Please (MDP) Conference where they will meet with our CEO Jonathan Bush, network with industry colleagues and thought leaders, and start collaborating to take healthcare disruption to the next level.

How did we get here?

Selecting the first class of digital health startups for our innovation lab has been a whirlwind process. At MDP Labs’ Reverse Pitch Day hosted in partnership with Elevar, we pitched the biggest healthcare problems that athenahealth is looking to solve and called on disruptors to step up to the challenge. We received applications from more than 110 startups seeking to startle the industry’s status quo, and then had the difficult task of narrowing the group down to a very special final few. It certainly wasn’t easy, but we’re really excited about the cohort and the diversity of ideas behind them!

Welcome, class of 2017!

We’ve ultimately selected 10 outstanding, high-potential startups based on team composition, business model, stage of development, demonstrated traction, and a strong vision that parallels our own. This promising cohort mapped to the most difficult problems we pitched and shared athenahealth’s passion, impatience, and imagination about making healthcare better, sooner.

We’re thrilled to partner with the dreamers and doers listed below. MDP Labs will collaborate with each company, catering to their unique needs and offering tailored programming, mentoring, curriculum, connections, and exposure to our stellar clients.

Be sure to “follow” our cohort to keep up to speed on all the great work they’re doing—and all of the amazing feats to come:

Collectly, Inc.: Fast and transparent debt collection service using machine-learning to help providers collect more bills and reduce revenue cycle

Daysaver: Intelligent cloud-based scheduling engine to find and push appointments that match patient preferences and availability

Edgility: Bringing air-traffic control-like situational awareness to healthcare operations Leveraging deep learning and natural language processing technologies to power conversations and automate care coordination inside the hospital

GYANT: Leading patients from their symptom to the best solution through AI and, if needed, with a human doctor in the loop

Health Samurai: An HL7 FHIR clinical data repository, development platform, and interoperability solution for modern web and mobile healthcare applications

Merit Technologies: An AI platform powering conversational chatbots for clinics, providing patients with 24/7 appointment scheduling via text message, automated voice, or chat

Pacifica Labs, Inc.: Engaging, evidence-based mental health tools for consumers and clinicians

ReHAP: Clinical decision support for rehabilitation therapy management that drives efficiency, generates revenue, and improves patient care

SimplyVital Health: Leveraging blockchain technology to tackle bundled payments, improving care coordination and decreasing financial risk

Looking to the future

There has never been a better time for a startup to join the MDP Labs community. As part of the program, these entrepreneurs will have unrivaled exposure to athenahealth's R&D teams, senior leadership, and a curated network of mentors. Moreover, these startups will join a network of like-minded entrepreneurs in the MDP community and collaborate with others in their cohort—learning, exploring, and building together the next game-changing innovation in health IT through openness and connectivity of disruptive solutions.

And it all starts at the 7th Annual MDP Conference! Stay tuned for what happens next…